The following is a general prediction based on this transit of the nodes. In any case, the specific results are heavily dependent on the basic strength of the natal chart and also the running mahadasha of the individual. A strong natal chart is a blessing from the heavens and minimizes all negativity. Also, as there are seven other planets in Vedic astrology, their placements and transits have to be taken into account for an accurate prediction. Rahu always transits retro thats reverse and it stays in one Raashi (Zodiac) for 18 months.

Ist HOUSE GOOD Rahu gives lot of indulgence in the materialist affairs. You will have to increase your self-confidence in dealing with a large number of situations that will be challenging. Lovers would meet their beloved and love affairs would gain impetus. There would be warmth infused in relations. On the personal front life would be more colorful. However, economically it would be satisfying period as you shall manage to earn required money and other sources to meet your requirement.
  BAD For business and profession this would be an average period. Do not let your ego emerge as hurdle in doing the jobs to assure personal gain. Can have general weakness, which might reduce your dynamism. Control in your food habits & proper medication can solve that problem. Spouse may go through a rough time. New ventures and partnerships must be avoided. Students must not lose sight of their goals. Lack of concentration might be of some concern.
2nd HOUSE GOOD There might be initial delays and obstacles, but life will go on well. Your responsibilities will much increase and you will give good account of your performance. Those trying for job overseas have the right time to try. Fruitful long journeys are also expected which would give you additional money. Profit can be expected in new business adventures. Increased income & unexpected gains are also expected. Those unmarried have fair chance of getting married. Younger students will fare well. Those desirous of study abroad will have good opportunities.
  BAD There might be tensions at home but if you control your temper, it will be bliss at home. Rheumatic complaints & joint pains are likely. Exhaustion, restlessness might set in. Caution is required for all money dealings. Be wary of new partners & business diversifications are also indicated. Excessive speech may harm you. Accidents cannot be ruled out.
3rd HOUSE GOOD Rahu in your 3”rd house will give you material comforts & Ketu in 9”th house will make you more spiritual & religious. There might be an increase in interest in the occult and religious activities. New friends & social circles might emerge and you will enjoy the new developments. Your confidence & importance will increase. Success in achieving goals is assured. Business will run smoothly. There will be remarkable improvement in your financial position. Students should do very well by dint of sheer determination. Success in competitive examination is indicated.
  BAD He may not keep relations with brother’s.
4th HOUSE GOOD There might be an increase in landed property and vehicles. Students in scientific streams will do extremely well.
  BAD Bad for native and for his mother in respect of health, He would spend his money too much. He can become a alcoholic. There will be lack of mental peace, obstacles & strains, which could make you tense. You might as well change your job also. Your projects may get obstructed and you may also receive some untoward news. Heart related problems might crop up. There might be some allergic problem also. Control your food habits & enjoy walking. Some people might have to leave home for a completely new environment. Decrease in landed property and vehicles.
5th HOUSE GOOD People in creative fields will excel. Your sharp intellect and practical nature will be put to good use. Those in business will get their problems reduced and will have more opportunities. You may get co-operation with some of those who actually help you in furthering your business prospects. Those in service will get their favorable transfer and promotion. Higher educational degree may be achieved. May have a child.
  BAD Pregnant women must exercise a lot of caution. Students will face some impediments in their routine. Problems related children’s or problems from them.
6th HOUSE GOOD It gives you courage & mental strength. You will gain confidence & your social circle will expand. Victory over enemies is assured. If you are in service you will now attempt to project yourself well in the eyes of others. It may even motivate you to take up a new type or line of work, something you had earlier thought of and abandoned. Success through occultism and spiritual pursuits may take place. Students will be successful if they follow a disciplined routine. Admission to courses of their choice is assured.
  BAD There may be delays in your transfer or promotions so put restraint. On the health front some incidence of intestinal/nerve disorder can be there.  Excessive expenditure may also take place. May have problems or loose in legal court cases.
7th HOUSE GOOD May get gains from women or opposite sex.
  BAD Caution should be the watchword in emotional matters. Be careful while dealing with opposite sex. If unmarried choose your partner carefully. This period can also create problems in married life. Troubles with spouse can be there. Be careful in partnership. Professionally, carefully chosen partners can help in realizing goals. You may have sexual relations apart from your spouse. There may be Rheumatic complaints& head injury is also possible. The health of spouse and relationship needs extra care. Success for students in competitive examination is there. Restrict your craving for luxury and pleasures. Restrict your company with the opposite sex.
8th HOUSE GOOD There is a possibility of getting an unexpected inheritance & sudden gains from lottery or stock exchange. Some journeys may prove fruitful. You may win some legal cases.
  BAD Not a very favorable position for career. Avoid changes in job. Even if you work hard you will not get due reward and you will have to struggle. Do not go in for fresh investments in Stock Exchange. If in service your seniors might cause some tensions and create some unnecessary.
9th HOUSE GOOD Overseas travel to the west for higher education/profession is a possibility. . After initial setbacks, fortune will favor you. New investments opportunities and profitable ventures are there. Good time for sportsmen and artists. Visits to some religious or a place of spiritual significance will take place. Marriages of brothers or sisters.
  BAD Problems may arise from brothers or sisters. Relations with other women may cause fall down. Possibilities of death of brothers or sisters.
10th HOUSE GOOD Can be a Minister, win election, or if already a Minister than can be a Chief Minister. Those seeking job, promotions foreign postings will get positive results. New avenues for investment & profitable ventures will open up. Help from father or higher authorities will help you in achieving your goals. Increase in property.
  BAD Can loose election or downgrade from Ministry level. Can have conflicts with mother. May loose property. May do bad deeds and wrong in business or profession.
11th HOUSE GOOD Can be a Minister, win election, or if already a Minister than can be a Chief Minister. An increase in income, positive changes in profession and fulfillment of long cherished desires. There will be inclination towards Study of spiritual & religious.
  BAD Can loose election or downgrade from Ministry level. Control your socializing and be cautious while driving. Outflow of funds will be high. However, children might cause some tension. Students must be very thorough in their studies otherwise results can be disastrous. Friends and unfavorable atmosphere might cause some disturbance in education. An injury cannot be ruled out. Pregnant women must be extremely cautious. Not a good period for speculation.
12th HOUSE GOOD You will experience domestic happiness, peace and prosperity. Your family members will be in harmony with each others. A change of residence is possible. The tensions and physical problems will reduce. You may also undertake a journey abroad. You shall get over your problems with your intelligence & abilities. Enemies will constantly bother you but you will succeed after a few difficulties. You can score victory over enemies. You may also get a legal victory. Past debts will be reduced. New offers for a better job will arrive to those who are unemployed. Excessive expenditure may also take place. Health problems that you had in the past would subside & this feeling of good health will help you to achieve your targets easily. Obstacles in business will recede & economically you would be better off. Students will get rewards for the efforts put in. higher education in the field you desire is indicated.
  BAD Excessive expenditure may also take place. Women can have problems from evil spirit. Can go bankrupt in business. People may loose trust in you. 

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